[5 mars 2024] Facebook Experiences Major Outage: Users Report Login and App Issues Globally

Facebook outage reported by 350,000+ users, with login, app, and website problems highlighted. Global users share experiences of being unable to access accounts. #facebookdown

Given the numerous user reports and social media comments, it’s clear that Facebook is experiencing widespread issues affecting a significant number of users globally. The primary complaints revolve around problems with logging in, which constitutes 73% of the reported problems. Additionally, 19% of users are encountering issues with the app, and 9% with the website functionality.

This situation suggests a substantial outage or technical malfunction on Facebook’s part, impacting user experience across different platforms (both the app and the website). The user comments highlight the frustration and confusion among the user base, with many people unable to access their accounts due to “session expired” or “unexpected error” messages. The geographic spread of these reports, including users from NJ, USA, further indicates that the problem is not localized but rather a significant, possibly global, outage.

Such widespread technical issues can significantly impact user trust and satisfaction with the service. It’s essential for Facebook’s technical team to address and resolve these issues promptly to restore service and maintain their reputation. Given the scale of the reported problems, Facebook may need to issue a public statement or update to inform users of the situation and the expected timeline for resolution.

For users affected by this outage, it’s advisable to stay tuned to official Facebook channels for updates and avoid attempting repeated logins or password resets until the issue has been officially acknowledged and addressed. In the meantime, users can explore alternative communication platforms to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

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